Product Description
Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom Auto Wash (for waterless car wash) is formulated with environmentally friendly, biodegradable, water-based ingredients. This flawless
formula is designed to lift and dissolve dirt on contact. The liquefied dirt slides off of smooth surfaces without a scratching and leaves behind a clean, glossy finish.

This is an Ecological product that is meant to clean painted surfaces, bumpers, and wheels, regardless of the surface being wet or dry. For best results, please use in the
shade and out of direct sunlight.

This product saves an average of 60 gallons (200 liters) of water per wash.

How to use Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom Auto Wash:
Please be sure to clean the top of the vehicle first and work your way around the car, cleaning the lower sections and wheel rims last.

1. Make sure vehicle is in a shaded area
2. Have two clean, microfiber towels
3. Shake bottle of Auto Wash
4. Spray Auto Wash onto one, folded micro-fiber towel until moist
5. Spray on a designated surface area of the vehicle
6. Softly wipe the area with the moist, folded microfiber towel
7. Immediately wipe off light haze with the second dry, microfiber towel
8. Repeat steps 1-7 until vehicle and rims are cleaned, polished & protected

IMPORTANT – Extremely muddy areas must be washed off with water first
Freedom Auto Wash - 750ml/25fl oz
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